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Capacity building and training services

Improvement and support of the modernization of the solid waste management system in Baku

E&I International organizes a 15 months long waste management training for Project Management Team members of World Bank-financed Integrated Solid Waste Management Project. 

The training aimes at providing in-depth knowledge about establishment, management and development of an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable organization for handling solid waste.

Another very important goal is that participants will gain necessary information to use successful Swedish experience, technology and try to apply them as far as possible to the local conditions in Azerbaijan. 

Lecturers are very experienced in planning, arranging and performing formal training programs and study tours in solid waste management. Lectures covers all areas of waste management - managerial, financial, economical, technical, legal, analytical, institutional and communicational. 

The training topics are:

• Planning, Overall view of SWM in Sweden • Organisation, Legislation, Economy, cost-recovery and fees • HSE issues in SWM, including environmental investigations, environmental taxes, permit applications, risk assessment, occupational health and safety, safe systems of work and operational controls, • Collection and transportation, sorting facilities, recycling, composting and treatment landfilling (new landfills, transfer stations design, upgrading, closing and remediation activities)

The training program consists of nine lectures and four following study visits in Europe.

On May, 2009 the loan agreement on "Integrated Solid Waste Management" Project was signed between the Ministry of Economic Development on behalf of the Government of Azerbaijan and the World Bank in the framework of the Absheron Rehabilitation Program. This project intends to improve and support the modernization of the solid waste management system in Baku.


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