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E&I International selected for the new EDCO SCADA control centre establishment in Jordan

On October 13th, 2016, the Jordan Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) selected E&I International for the new “EDCO SCADA Control Centre Establishment”. The delivery consists of SCADA/DMS system for monitoring & control of the electricity distribution system up to 33KV level, mainly in the Jordan Valley, southern and eastern rural part of Jordan.

E&I International, the EPC Contractor, will organise project management, engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of adaption work in 53 substations to provide a fully functional SCADA system. The scope of supply also includes delivery of a communication network for the SCADA communication. The project is scheduled for completion in 24 months, i.e. by the end of 2018.

“We are honoured to have been selected by EDCO and we are proud to be able to provide the project with Swedish know-how and technical expertise,” declares Tomas Lindsbro, Managing Director at E&I International AB.

The “SCADA National Centre Establishment Project” is part of an extensive modernization program being carried out by EDCO to improve grid reliability and efficiency. By implementing a SCADA/DMS system it will benefit to the Jordan society. There will be less power outages that influence the consumers and industries. By use of remote control of the electricity power grid it will give EDCO the possibility to restore and manage the electricity grid much faster.

“The SCADA/DMS system will help improve reliability of power supplies and grid stability in the distribution network of EDCO. The system will also enable remote monitoring and control of the substations bringing efficiency and cost savings to the customer as to meet the mission of the company to sustain the electricity system provided to our customers with high reliable electricity services”, says Reem Hamdan, Acting Managing Director, within the company EDCO.

EDCO (www.edco.jo) is one of the 3 distribution companies in Jordan. It distributes electricity to about 60% of Jordan area covering the southern districts, Jordan Valley and the eastern regions of the Kingdom, serving approximately 240 thousand customers.

E&I International AB (www.ei-tec.com) is an EPC Contractor with specialist expertise in electrical installations and engineering for the industry, infrastructure and energy segments. The mother company Eitech has more than 1 200 employees, and delivers everything from complete projects and innovative solutions to ongoing maintenance services within the areas of automation, infrastructure engineering, installation and power technology.


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