Review and advisory services regarding port of bar, Montenegro

Review of services for improvement of Port of Bar

E&I International was entrusted by Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Economic Development (MED) to review and analyse services for improvement of Port of Bar, Montenegro prior to possible acquisition. The project began on the 15th of October 2012 and will be finished in December the same year.

The project also includes to develop a preliminary Business Plan for further development and operation of the Port of Bar. Furthermore EITEC will make a detailed analysis of optional transaction strategies, i.e. dividing the acquisition fiscally or dividing the acquisition legally by purchase of different set of assets/shares.

The port of Bar is the largest port in Montenegro, capable of reloading 5 million tons of different goods annually. It is at the same time cargo and passenger port. The port of Bar represents very important transport connection of Montenegro with all world. the port is. Currently, the Port of Bar is operating with a financial loss, and significantly below its designed capacity. 


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