45-Ikea Mega Parnas-001

Power supply to IKEA in St Petersburg

A quick-fire intervention with IKEA Parnas, St Petersburg

The story began with a quick-fire intervention by E&I International during the summer of 2008, which saw the replacement of the site’s 30 existing aggregates with new units over a 26 hour period. Shortly after came delivery of 14 Parmac-aggregates, at 505 kVA each, earmarked to be used in the future in a centralized generator park. 

IKEA’s goal with the park is to provide regulated, controlled current to the MEGA, while awaiting the implementation of a permanent power supply from local energy outfit, Lenenergo. When Lenenergo begins production, the aggregate park is intended to supply reserve power. 

In order to help reach its goals, E&I has been entrusted to modify and upgrade the client’s five existing Wilson-aggregates, at 1500 kVA each, safeguarding both function and quality. These aggregates are placed in containers and are intended to be used for supplying auxiliary power. 

E&I has installed a new automated mechanism in the form of the internally developed control system ECG, ensuring the facility is prepared for the control, supervision and parallel-operation of up to 32 Pramac aggregates.


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